Has KAL contacted KRG about its Yekgirtú Alphabet proposal?

Has KAL contacted KRG about its Yekgirtú Alphabet proposal?

Has KAL contacted KRG about its Yekgirtú Alphabet proposal?

This question has been put forward on many occasions. KAL finds it necessary to provide a public overview of its activities in calling for cooperation and collaboration as well as supplying information on Yekgirtú Alphabet. This will give an opportunity to the callers to judge for themselves whether KAL has actively followed its code of conduct. Although the information and proposal of this project has been available on Internet since late 1993 but KAL has approached related people and institutes on any opportunities. The directing officer of KAL, Dr. Dilan Roshani (henceforth DR) has contacted most every Kurdish administration, linguistic personalities and institutes since 1995. Within his approach he has described the historical and social necessity of the proposal and has called for a Kurdish nationwide conference on language issues.

We contacted ministry of Culture “Wizaretí Roshinbírí” of the local government in Silémaní and the Kurdistan Parliament in Hewlér in 1999. We never received any reply from Silémaní but the Kurdistan parliament replied and suggesting “We shall wait until the Kurdistan’s Academy has become active again”.

After fall of Saddam in 2003 and unification of the Kurdish administrations we found it necessary to discuss the issue with the first legitimate and unified government of Iraqi Kurdistan, namely KRG. On behalf of KAL DR wrote a letter to his Excellency Nichirvan Barzani in 2006 explaining the role of KAL and its proposal whilst calling for a conference. The original copy of this letter both in English and Kurdish is attached to this page at the bottom. However after mediation from many channels an indirect response from Dr Fouad Hussain the head of KRG office was received. The response directed KAL to newly established Kurdistan’s Academy in Hewlér.

KAL approached the unified ministry of Culture “Wizarey Roshinbírí” in Hewlér in Oct 2006. Dr Roshani arranged for a meeting for Oct 12th 2006 at 2pm with the minister for Culture Mr Falak Al-Din Kakayi. The meeting was arranged prior to his visit to Kurdistan for series of seminars. Unfortunately the minister had to go for urgent governmental meeting minutes prior to the meeting consequently the meeting was cancelled.

At a seminar for ministries of Education and Higher Education in Nottingham/UK in Jan 2007, Dr Roshani personally handed a letter with same content as attached letter to this page below to Dr Dilshad Abdul Rahman the minister of Education. DR kindly requested that Dr Abdul Rahman to contact KAL after he has reviewed the letter. There has been no contact from the ministry to this date (01/06/2008).

Nevertheless, DR approached the Academy directly on April 2007. He provided 2 hours seminar for seven senior members of the Academy including Dr Mukriyani the head of the Academy. The respond was far from expectation. There were no signs of constructive discussions on the topic but how limited their sources are to work on new ideas. DR was tested for his linguistic capability by one of the senior member on how he would write the words ( براو برازا ) in any Latin based alphabet. DR responded that they cannot be treated as one word in Latin based alphabet. The idea is to introduce a unified alphabet as well as spelling reform so the word would be “bira u biraza”. KAL would like to thank Mr Mihemed Heme Baqí officially for his warm approach and donating 10 of his published books to KAL.

KAL’s attempts to inform public and concerned bodies have not been limited to governmental instructions. KAL’s networks of volunteers’ member have constantly been promoting the proposal of Yekgirtú Alphabet. The following list is the record of some of these public domain sessions.

  1.    Seminar on Yekgirtú Alphabet KSMA seminar in London 28 Oct 2001
  2.    Program on Yekgirtú Alphabet on Me TV “Roj Bash Kurdistan”, 13 Nov 2001
  3.    Seminar on KURDISTANICA and Yekgirtú Alphabet KSMA seminar day in London 26 Jan 2002
  4.    Debate on Yekgirtú Alphabet Roj TV 20 Jan 2005
  5.    Seminar on Yekgirtú Alphabet at the Silémaní University 21 Aug 2005
  6.    Seminar on Yekgirtú Alphabet at Khaneqin Cultural Centre 28 Aug 2005 in Khanaqin/Kurdistan
  7.    Presentation at Kurdish Cultural Heritage centre Aug 2005 in Silémaní/Kurdistan
  8.    Program on “Kurdish Language and IT” on Roj TV on 16 Sep 2006
  9.    Seminar on Yekgirtú Alphabet at the Dohuk University on 8 Oct 2006 in Dohuk/Kurdistan
  10.    Seminar on Yekgirtú Alphabet at the Koya University on 11 Oct 2006
  11.    Debate on Yekgirtú Alphabet on Zagros TV on April 2007
  12.    Program on Yekgirtú Alphabet on Newroz Sat TV  on 05 Mar 2008
  13.    Program on Yekgirtú Alphabet on Tishk TV on 30 Apr 2008
  14.    Program on Kurdish language and Yekgirtú Alphabet on Newroz Sat TV  on 28 Feb 2009
  15.    Seminar on “The Kurdish Language Matters to Kurdistan!” at the Runakí Festival in London/UK on 14 Mar 2009
  16.    Program on Kurdish Yekgirtú Alphabet for South Kurdish on Newroz Sat TV  on 18 April 2009
  17.  Seminar on “New perspective on Kurdish Language” organised by KSAF-U/Uppsala/Sweden on 03 Oct 2009
  18. Seminar on “New perspective on Kurdish Language” organised by KSAF-U/Stockholm/Sweden on 04 Oct 2009
  19. Program on Nation-Sate and Language planning on Newroz Sat TV  on 30 Jan 2010
  20. Program on the Status of Kurdish Language in South East of Kurdistan on Newroz Sat TV  on 24 Feb 2010

Furthermore KAL would like to express the gratitude to those who have shown an interest in the project and afforded time to listen to the concept of Yekgirtú Alphabet. KAL also has provided information in this regard in one-to-one communication to personalities such as,

KAL has initiated communication with several institutes calling for introductory seminar on Yekgirtú Alphabet such as Kurdish Institute in ParisBerlinIstanbul and Brussels, and Kurdish Cultural Centre in London KCC. If you are aware of any institutes who would like to hear from KAL please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please download the original letters below.

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