What are the benefits of a unified writing system?

What are the benefits of a unified writing system?

For Kurds, a unified writing system can be a major step in resolving historic national issues. On a practical level, such a system will produce the following benefits:

  1. Any publications can be used in all parts of Kurdistan.
  2. A Kurdish education system can rely upon nationwide standard which transcends borders.
  3. An electronic national archive can be created on www.
  4. Electronic communications can be used to a far greater extent and affect.
  5. A common Kurdish language can grow up more easily in Kurdish publication and media.
  6. Any one with access to internet can send Kurdish text and document without any extra effort.
  7. The self-teaching process to learn Kurdish will be greatly enhanced.
  8. The natural bond between all sectors of Kurdistan will become more obvious.
  9. The unified Kurdish writing system is based on the international basic standard for all computer system.

Nevertheless, Kurdish with a Pluricentric character is facing the same issues as Spanish and Portuguese languages therefor Kurdish can choose the same approach with unified Orthographic system to meet its enormous shortcomings.


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