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KAL promote selected topic to this section where related issues introduced as chain articles. Callers can read, link, or forward these articles. Registered members will be able to provide comments and rate certain article. The topic in focus will be discussed in our forum as well. Please become a registered member of KAL and actively participate in the discussions.

At the moment the focus collects articles related to recent letter by 53 writers who are asking President M. Barezani for promoting Central Kurdish dialect (Soraní) and writing system as official standard language of KRG. The letter has been met with various reactions. KAL provide present these views at this section. The articles are presented/converted to Unified Kurdish alphabet along with their original Central Kurdish Alphabet (Soraní Arabic based alphabet) at the bottom of each article.

It is important to realise that KAL does not necessarily agree with the arguments presented in these otherwise controversial article. But it finds it within its mandate to publish all influential work to inform its audience of the current trends among the authors, scholars or politicians in this regards. Please join the discussion.

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