Can I use this unified alphabet to write in my regional dialect?

Can I use this unified alphabet to write in my regional dialect?

There is no limitation whatsoever for any dialect of Kurdish to be expressed by this unified alphabet. To avoid an alphabet with litters which might be used very seldom by few number of people, no letters has been created for rare local sounds since they can be created by a mixing of other existing letters. for ex ” xin, xuwén, xún, xùn” all means “blood” in different dialects and accent, ” to, te, tu, téu ” all means “you”. So just express your self in your own dialect and let us share it with other callers here at KAL

An other factor is a universal one. No ordinary alphabet in the world is “perfectly phonetic,” nor should there be any attempt to create one for Kurdish. To create a “perfect phonetic” Kurdish alphabet is to clutter it with unnecessary complexity and rigidity that would bring out dialectal differences in the language instead of masking them. One must mask these differences in order to create a common, standard Kurdish alphabet, not accentuate them. There shall always be a few cases in any language that do not conform to rules set for a simple, but adequate alphabet.

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