How can I get involve with projects such as KAL and KURDISTANICA so that I might be able to contribute to this good cause?

Sat, 28/06/2008 – 17:47 — Admin
One thing that Individuals/organisations can do to support projects like KAL and KURDISTANICA is to ask their friends, colleagues or fellow organizational members to get involve in turning hard copy material into electronic (scanning, typing etc.). If you are conversant in other relevant languages, you can help translate texts from English into Persian, Turkish, Arabic (and vice versa), as well as proof-reading English translations. These types of contribution make the information available to all others whose linguistic knowledge is limited. We scan and provide the hard copies of old sources or we direct you to the source to be borrowed from a local or college library in order to convert them into editable electronic format to be later posted by us online.

Individuals/organisations can take the initiative and provide editable electronic copies of manuscripts, books, sources related to stated goals of KAL and KURDISTANICA from their own library. We are founded on this type of open scholarly contribution.

Supporting individuals and organisations will get the credit for helping by having their name/logo at the bottom of the post as providers. This is how projects become a vast information source to the public by the help of the public.

Individuals/organisations can invite KAL representative to a sponsored seminars on KAL projects. This will allow their members to get first hand information in an interactive seminar combined with a workshop.

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