A Comparison of KUAL

KUAL Yekxisto in comparison with Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Alphabet Yekxisto Türkçe پارسی عربي A a A a آ  عا ا  أ B b B b […]

Unified Kurdish Vowel Phonemes

TABLE 2: Unified Kurdish Vowel Phonemes Front Central Back High Close í ù ú Open i u Mid é e o Low a

Unified Kurdish Consonant Phonemes

1. Consonants In the articulation of a consonant, the airstream through the vocal tract must be obstructed either partially or completely. The position of this obstruction […]

History of Kurdish Orthography

Like other non-Arabic speaking peoples who adopted the Arabic alphabet after the Islamic conquest of the seventeenth century, Kurds have started using a modified version of […]