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History of Kurdish language

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History of Kurdish language: Articles Section for related Articles on historical perspective of Kurdish language Ibn Khallikan’s Biographical Dictionary The Language of the Medians...   Read More

Printing & Publishing

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  This section provides a documentation of the language’s acquisition of new functions such as use in print and broadcast media, administration, science, cinema,...   Read More

Kurdish Scripts Conversion tools

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  In an attempt to bridge the Kurdish writing systems with Kurdish Unified Alphabet (Yekgirtú) a set of computer auto generating conversion applications have been introduced by Kurdish Academy of Language KAL....   Read More

News & Views

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There’s been a lot of discussion and debate concerning Kurdish Language in the News around the world before. In order to make them easier...   Read More


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The potential of these textbooks to aid in the codifying of Kurdish was not realized, however, due to the government’s policy of restricting native...   Read More

Complex and Compound Adverbs in Kurdish and English

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A Descriptive and Contrastive Study of Complex and Compound Adverbs in Kurdish and English Hiva Asadpour Abstract: The present study aims to describe some...   Read More

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