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The Identity of Hewrami Speakers

Reflections on the Theory and Ideology of Comparative Philology By Dr. Amir Hasanpour The European authorities generally maintain that Gorani [Hewrami] is not Kurdish...   Read More

Kurdish Unified Alphabet

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The expansion of virtual connections and the availability of diverse sources of information on the Internet have raised new technical concerns related to the...   Read More

وتاره‌كانی ژێرچاو

KAL promote selected topic to this section where related issues introduced as chain articles. Callers can read, link, or forward these articles. Registered members...   Read More

پەیامی کۆمەڵێک نووسەرو ئەدیب و ئەکادیمیستی کورد

بەڕێز سەرۆکی هەرێمی کوردستان بەڕێزان سەرۆک و ئەندامانی پارلەمانی کوردستان بەڕێزان سەرۆک و ئەندامانی ئەنجوومەنی وەزیرانی هەرێمی کوردستان بەڕێزان وه‌زیرانی پەروەردە، خوێندنی  با‌ڵاو  رۆشنبیریی...   Read More

Peyama komellék nivískar ú edíb ú akadímístén Kurd

Biréz Seroké Heréma Kurdistané Birézan Serok u Endamanén Parlemana Kurdistané Birézan Serok u Endamanén Enjúmena Wezíranén Heréma Kurdistané Birézan Wezírén Perwerde, Xwéndina Ba‌llaw Roshnbírí...   Read More

کوردی وه‌ک زمانێکی جووت – ستاندارد

کوردی وه ک زمانێکی جووت-ستاندارد: تێبینی سه باره ت به گه‌ڵاڵه ی داخوازینامه بۆ ره سمی کردنی "کرمانجی خواروو"

Kurdí wekí zimaneké jot-standard

Prof. Amir Hassanpour, Zaníngeha Toronto, Kanada, (23/4/2008)

A proposal for Latin based Kurdish alphabet

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We have written a lot of proposals on Latin based Kurdish alphabet so far. Sometimes we have tried to create an alphabet similar to...   Read More

Kurdish Lexicography

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The lexical system has, like orthography, been strongly affected by codification. Two interrelated trends can be distinguished, (a) the enrichment of the lexical stock...   Read More

Kurdish dialectology

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  Dialectology is a sub-field of historical linguistics, the scientific study of linguistic dialect. It studies variations in language based primarily on geographic distribution...   Read More

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