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How do you think we can adopt and implement the new Unified Kurdish Alphabet for Kurdish education system, Kurdish media, books etc?

We need first realise that the Unified Alphabet solution is targeting the new generation of Kurdish learner who start their school year at this moment. As more than 85% of Kurdish speakers are still illiterate in their own mother tongue, we will not have that much of problem to introduce the new Unified System to a more constructive national education system. However, a national adaptation of the Kurdish Unified Alphabet is advised to be planed along three stages of implementations.

  1. Parallel implementation; where the Kurdish media publish selected articles in Kurdish Unified alphabet as well other existing versions. News, film and educational program on TV shall be subtitled using Kurdish Unified Alphabet. Various Kurdish literatures shall be republished in Kurdish Unified Alphabet.
  2. Transitional implementation; make optional requirement so governmental bodies can provide all information in Unified System as well as other versions. Online interactive learning centres shall be introduced as an alternative to self-studies for youngest and adults' learner (A among the plans by KAL).
  3. Full implementation; only provide and promote unified writing system in all sectors of governing and education system as well as mass media.

It should not be a problem for a governmental institute to monitor the adaptation and implementation procedure of the Kurdish Unified Alphabet. What is more important is to realise the crucial role of the Unified System in promoting Kurdish language and literature as one single language. The system will allow its users to follow a natural course in practicing their language.

Mr B. Kaberi an expert in project management and a member of KAL network has prepare a prototype adaptation process scenario.

Project Implementation Plans

The following document are the proposal Project Implementation Plans procedures, which has been prepared by KAL Easter Kurdistan committee. Please forward your feedback to the committee via KAL contact form.