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Abdulla Goran (1904 - 1962)

Abdulla Goran (1904/05/? -18/11/1962), (in Kurdish: Ebdulla Goran, عبدوڵا گۆران) was a Kurdish poet. He was born as Abdulla Suleiman in Halabja/Hewramn province/Kurdistan in May 1904. He went to school in Kirkuk and on to further education at teaching school. Later on he worked as a teacher for several years in the Hawraman region.

It is fair to say that Goran was the most influential Kurdish of the Twentieth Century. He undoubtedly brought about a revolution in Kurdish poetry, and is also called the father of modern Kurdish literature. At this time Kurdish poetry was heavily influenced by centuries of lingua franca's predominance literacy, especially Arabic. Goran offered a new vision of Kurdish poetry in form, rhythm, language and content which was based on Kurdish life, culture, nature and folkloric traditions. He replaced many old measures in Kurdish classics with new styles based on traditional Kurdish folk songs with pure vocabularies.

When the Allies established a Radio Station in Jaffa, Palestine during WWW II, Goran served as Kurdish presenter at the Radio. After the war he become politically active and joined the Iraqi Communist party. The Party was involved in many of the most important national uprisings and demonstrations of the 1940s and 1950s. As an active member of the Iraqi Communist Party he was arrested and prosecuted many times during the Iraqi monarch regime. In 1958 when new Republic of Iraq was declared he was appointed a lecturer position at the Department of Kurdish language and literature at the University of Baghdad. Goran became ill with cancer and  died in Kurdistan on November 18, 1962.

One of his most famous and popular poem is (Paíyz) "Autumn" and published in (Sirushtí Juwan) "Beautiful nature"


Payíz! Payíz!
Búkí pirc zerd,
Min mat to zíz:
Herdú hawderd!

Min firméskim, to baranit;
Min henasem, to bay sardit;
Min xem, to hewrí giryanit..
Duwayíy naye: dadim, dadit,
Hergíz, hergíz,
Payíz! Payíz!

Payíz! Payíz!
Shan u mil rút,
Min mat, to zíz,
Herdúkman jút
Hercend gull sís ebé bigrín,
Altúní dar erjé bigrín,
Polí balldar efrré bigrín,
Bigrín.. bigrín.. cawman nesirrín,
Hergíz, hergíz,
Payíz! Payíz!

Another famous work by Goran is the following piece translated into English


It is woman whose beauty's manifestation makes love soar,
It is woman, who strengthens the dancing imagination,
Woman generates love and woman pets love,
It is woman who causes the strings of life's fiddle to vibrate!

If you make heart's wide sky void of woman
Novelties' manifestation will disappear,
Darkness will spread its wings over the empty sky,
Light's smile will disappear from the star of your hope.

It is woman who is the gem on the crown of respect,
With the sharp points of love and passion's diamond lancet,
Her sacred writings are scratched in my heart
With the miraculous magic of woman my imaginative power
Is full of revelation.

If a vivacious woman does not manifest like a fairy,
With beauty's arms and wings, in the corner of my memory,
How can precious things become a source of my poetry
On the surface of the earth, in heart of heavens?

Translated by Farhad Shakely



  • Farhad Shakely, "Goran", International Journal of Kurdish Studies, Jan 2004 

This biography was prepared by Dilan Roshani


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