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The First International Conference on Kurdish Literature

Kurdish Literature has gone through many turbulent periods. If we consider the Yarsan (Yaristan) Kurdish balladry in Gorani dialect the advent of the Kurdish Literature after Islam then we can call the third century (A.H.) a starting point of Kurdish Literature. Many poems have been composed in Gorani dialect. Beyonds this other Kurdish dialects have actively contributed to the treasures of Kurdish literature such as Hawrami Kurdish, Northern Kurdish (Kirmanj) and Mid Kurdish (Sorani). Throughout centuries Kurdish Literature has been influenced by different intellectuals and religious movements as well as neighbourings' litterateurs.

The above characteristics are the base for this International conference on history and development of Kurdish Literature organised by the centre for Kurdish Language and Literature studies of University of Kurdistan/Iran. The conference is an attempt to lead the future academic and scholarly analyses from various perspectives.

Objectives of the Conference

  • ¬ Recognizing different aspects of Kurdish Literature 
  • ¬ Recognizing factors affecting the different styles and genres of Kurdish Literature 
  • ¬ Surveying the historical periods of Kurdish Literature 
  • ¬ Surveying the degree to which Kurdish Literature and Culture have been influenced by the neighbouring countries and vice versa.

Subjects of the Conference 

  • ¬ Folklore 
  • ¬ Literary genres in Kurdish Literature 
  • ¬ A survey of the history of Kurdish Literature 
  • ¬ Usual styles in Kurdish Literature 
  • ¬ The status of Kurdish accents in written Literature 
  • ¬ The interaction between Kurdish Literature and the literature existing in other nations 
  • ¬ The relationship between Kurdish Literature and the courts in Kurdistan 
  • ¬ Prosody and rhythm in Kurdish Poetry 
  • ¬ The cultural—social functions of Kurdish Literature 
  • ¬ Criticism of the resources in the field of literary history 
  • ¬ Children’s Literature 
  • ¬ Kurdish Literature and standard language 
  • ¬ Literary conventions in Kurdish Literature 
  • ¬ Codicology and Kurdish scripts 
  • ¬ The degree to which Kurdish Literature has been influenced by Islamic thought currents (mysticism, rhetoric, jurisprudence, philosophy…)

The Format of the Articles 

All the articles should follow the standards of scientific research article writing (abstract, keywords, introduction, body, and conclusion). A separate page should be allocated to the particulars of the writer(s) to be given to the referees (including: name of the writer(s), profession, academic rank, published works, e-mail, and postal address).

Arbitration Process

Articles delivered to the secretariat of the conference will be presented to the arbiters based on the subject and the final acceptance will depend on their judgement. It is needless to say that the particulars of the writers will not be revealed to the arbiters. 

Conference Calendar 

  • ¬ Call announcement: 7 October 2009 
  • ¬ The deadline for delivering abstracts: 20 December 2009 
  • ¬ The deadline for delivering the articles: 20 March 2010

Time and Place of the Conference:

5-6 May 2010; faculty of humanities,

University of Kurdistan- Sanandaj Organizer

The centre for Kurdish Language and Literature studies of University of Kurdistan

Conference Language: Kurdish and Persian

Conference Website:  and

The Publication of the Articles

The accepted abstracts of the articles will be uploaded on the website of the University of Kurdistan and the accepted articles will be published in the book of the conference.

Conference Scientific Secretary: Najmoddin Jabbari Assistant Professor, University of Kurdistan 

Conference Executive Secretary: Abdolah Rasoulnejad Assistant Professor, University of Kurdistan

Postal Address: 

University of Kurdistan, 

P.O.Box: 416, 

Sanandaj, Iran

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