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The front page of KURDISTAN

The front page of KURDISTAN

This is the front page of KURDISTAN,
The first Kurdish Newspaper published on Thursday 21st of April 1898

Thursday 30th of Dhū al-Qa'da (ذو القعدة) year 1315, Islamic Calendar

Thursday 9th of Nisan year 1314, Ottoman Turkish Calendar (Rumi Calendar)

22 April is marked as the anniversary of Kurdish Journalism. The first Kurdish Newspaper Kurdistan printed in Cairo, Egypt (which at the time was part of greater Ottoman Empire,) in 1898 by Prince Medhat Beg other representatives of the prestigious Rozhaki-Badir khanid Kurdish princely house of Botan. Kurdistan paper started a new era of Kurdish struggle for political and cultural rights.

M. Bedir Xan wrote in the editorial section of that first issue that:

They [the Kurds] are not aware of what is happening in the world and in their neighbourhood.  I have put myself to the task of producing this newspaper-God willing-every fifteen days.  I have named it ‘Kurdistan.’  In this newspaper I emphasise the importance of education and science.  Wherever there are great schools and institutions I shall report to the Kurds.  I shall also inform the Kurds about any war that is taking place, about the deeds of the great imperial countries, how they fight and how they trade.  No one has ever produced a newspaper like this, mine is a pathfinder.

Miqdad used the Arabic reformed Ottoman Turkish alphabet to write in Kurdish. The major Kurdish dialect of the paper was North Kurdish dialect, subdialect of Botaní.