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Kurdish Language Education in Iraq

Modern education in Iraq, as in other countries examined in this study, is the prerogative of the state. Individuals or minority groups are not allowed to establish schools or any type of educational institution without government permission, which is usually not granted.

The Mandate Period, 1920-32

After the occupation of Baghdad in 1917, the British authorities began to reorganize the educational system that the Ottoman Turks had established on the basis of European, chiefly French models. One change was in the medium of instruction, which had formerly been in Turkish. According to an official report, "Arabic, or the local vernacular in places where Kurdish, Turkish, Persian, or Syriac [Assyrian] was spoken, was adopted as the medium of instruction" (G.B. 1923-4:201).

Source: Dr. Amir Hassanpour, "Nationalism and Language in Kurdistan 1918-1985", 1992.