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The Sorani speakers of Kurdistan Academy are in favour of Soranization of Kurdish language

In the morning of 16th of Nov 2008 the forum of the Kurdistan Academy in Hewler (an official Academy which is linked to the office of Primer Minister in Kurdistan Region) arranged a meeting with some Kurmanji speaker writers in Duhok. At that meeting the question of formal Education and instruction in Kurdish language was discussed.

The writers from Duhok and the director of Education in Duhok province, who was also present in the meeting, were adamant on the point that Kurmanji (variety or Kurdish) should be employed as a medium of instruction and it should be given an official status in formal domains alongside with the Sorani (variety of Kurdish).

They argued the low level progress in Duhok’s schools have become a point of great concern and anxiety for the whole population of Duhok. The average of success of high school students in Duhok is only % 14, and the reason for such poor outcome is that neither the teachers command Sorani, nor the parents are capable to help children in their lessons because they do not understand the Sorani variety. The continuation of such situation will have dreadful consequences for the people of this region in future.

These meeting as many other meetings ended without any practical resolutions. The Sorani speaker members of the academy repeated the old song that Sorani should be the dominant variation of Kurdish language in Iraqi Kurdistan.

As a result of drawbacks of the meeting at the Kurdistan Academy a follow-up meeting was held at the Centre of The Union of Duhok Writers a meeting was held on the same day. The following personalities were attended the meeting.

1- Reshid Findi, Deputy Chairman of Kurdistan Academy
2- Mueyed Teyib, Member of Kurdistan Academy and director of Spiréz Publishing House
3- Dr. Kamiran Berwari (Benavi), Lecturer at Duhok University
4- Segvan Jamil, University Lecturer
5- Warkes Moses Serkisian, The General Director of Duhok's Education Board
6- Hassan Silévani, The president of Duhok's Writers Union
7- Dr. Fazil Omer, The Head of Duhok’s County Council
8- Ahmad Abdulla Zero, The ex-president of Duhok's Writers Union
9-  Mussddeq Tovi, writer
10- Muhammad Abdulla, Deputy President of Duhok's Writers Union
11- Ismail Taha Jangir, the president of Duhok’s Brunch of Kurdistan Journalists Union
12- Behroz Shucai, Lecturer at Duhok University

The participants at this meeting unanimously decided to form a delegation to meet with the education minister again in order to discuss the matter. Furthermore the meeting decided to continue with its activities until Kurmanji (version of Kurdish) becomes official in all domains of Kurmanji speaking areas.

The County Council of Duhok has established a committee “The Committee for defending Kurdish Language and Culture in Mosul and Duhok provinces” since two months ago. The followings personalities are the member of this committee.

1.     Mueyed Teyib, the full member of Kurdistan Academy and the director of Sipiréz Publishing House
2.     Muhammad Abdulla, Deputy President of Duhok’s Writers Union
3.     Dr. Fazi Omer, Chairman of Duhok’s County Council
4.     Behroz Shucai, Lecturer at Duhok University
5.     Warkes Moses Serkisian, The General Director of Education Board in Duhok

The committee will follow up the status and usage of Kurmanji in education and schools in Kurmanji speaking areas attached to Duhok and Mosul provinces, and work towards its implementations.


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