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Turkey could not ignore Deniz Feneri case: Speaker

Thursday, 18 September 2008 13:05

Regarding Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin, the parliament speaker said that it was natural for those citizens to speak Kurdish and no one would intervene.

Turkey's parliament speaker said on Thursday that Turkey could not ignore a decision of a German court regarding a Turkish association operating in that country.

Turkish Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan said that Turkey could not turn a blind eye to the verdict of a German court regarding the Deniz Feneri e.V. Association.

The Frankfurt State Court sentenced three men working for the charity to various prison terms on charges of fraud.

"We know that prosecutors have launched initiatives regarding this matter," Toptan told the private CNN Turk TV channel.

Toptan called for speeding up the process because if those in charge did not take rapid action, then intense political arguments occur and the judicial organs could not exactly do what they had to.

"Therefore, our prosecutors should handle the matter quickly and do their best to conclude the process rapidly," he said.

Toptan said that the religious feelings and humanitarian values of Turks were misused, and defined it as a very sensitive development for Turkey.

The parliament speaker said therefore, Turkey dimensions of the incident should be illuminated.

On the election of members of Turkey's Supreme Board of Television & Radio (RTUK), Toptan said that the parliament elects the members of the board, and every one had seen that the parliament had made appropriate decision so far.

"However, the recent developments indicate that every one has to make a re-evaluation. If every one is aware of his/her responsibility and behaves so, the process will proceed more healthily," Toptan said.

Also Toptan said Turkey needed a new constitution, and expressed belief that a new constitution should preserve fundamental principles, but should be briefer, more liberal, democrat and contemporary.

The parliament speaker said that the parliament should discuss how it could pursue corruption cases.

Regarding Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin, Toptan said that it was natural for those citizens to speak Kurdish and no one would intervene.

"However, we have to be careful under the roof of the parliament and should not forget that the official state language is Turkish," Toptan also said.


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