Why the speakers of Northern Kurdish dialect (Kurdmanjí) need to learn about Velar ” L ” and Trill ” R ” as “ll” and “rr”?

Even the Northern Kurdish dialect lack the Velar ” L ” and Trill ” R ” it is necessary to have this sounds in a unified […]

داخودا خه‌تی یه‌کگرتوو له‌ سه‌ر بنه‌مای خه‌تی لاتینی ده‌بێته‌ هۆی کوێربوونه‌وه‌ی

داخودا ئێوه‌ پێتان وایه‌ که‌ سیستمێکی ڕێنووس وه‌کوو خه‌تی یه‌کگرتوو له‌ سه‌ر بنه‌مای خه‌تی لاتینی  ده‌بێته‌ هۆی کوێربوونه‌وه‌ و نه‌مانی گه‌نجینه‌ی پڕبایه‌خی ئه‌ده‌بییاتی کوردی که‌ تاکوو […]

Why the combined character /Jh/ instead of only /J/?

It is useful to understand the characteristic structure of different Kurdish dialects, such as Dimilí (Zazakí) Kurdish. At the current stage they use mostly North Kurdish […]

Why language is such an important issue?

Language is the vehicle that we commonly use to exchange ideas in our shared environment. In short, language is one of the keys that unlock the […]