History of Kurdish language

History of Kurdish language: Articles Section for related Articles on historical perspective of Kurdish language Ibn Khallikan’s Biographical Dictionary The Language of the Medians The origions […]

Printing & Publishing

  This section provides a documentation of the language’s acquisition of new functions such as use in print and broadcast media, administration, science, cinema, theater and […]

Jeladet Bedir Xan (1893-1951)

Prince Jeladet Ali Bedir Khan (Kurdish: Mír Jeladet Alí Bedir Xan, میر جه‌لاده‌ت عالی بدرخان), also known as Mír Jeladet, was born 26th April, 1893 in […]

Kurdish Scripts Conversion tools

  In an attempt to bridge the Kurdish writing systems with Kurdish Unified Alphabet (Yekgirtú) a set of computer auto generating conversion applications have been introduced by Kurdish Academy of Language KAL. These will […]