Hassan Ghazi (1946)

Hassan Ghazi (Kurdish: Hesen Qazí, حه‌سه‌ن قازی) was born in the city of  Mahabad (Sablax) in Mukriyan Province. He was born in the residency of the […]

Jamal Nabaz (1933-2018)

Prof. Jamal Nabaz (Kurdish: Jemal Nebez, جه‌مال نه‌به‌ز ) was born on the 1st of December 1933 in Silémaní in Baban province in Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan) […]

Abdul Rahman Zabihi (1920-1980)

Abdul Rahman Zabihi (Kurdish: Ebdul Rehmaní Zebíhí, ئه‌وڕحمانی زه‌بیهی) was born in Mehabad in 1920. He was fluent in Kurdish, Persian, Arabic and Turkish. He was […]

Abdull Rahman Haji Ma’ref (1940-2007)

Dr. Abdull Rahman Haji Maref (Kurdish: Ew-Rehman Hají Marif, ئه‌وڕه‌حمانی حاجی‌مارف) was without a doubt one of the best Kurdish contemporary linguists. His academic and scholarly […]