Coining New Kurdish Words

The process of coining new Kurdish words is based on four principles: 1. Conformity to the rules of Kurdish grammar. 2. Simplicity and brevity. 3. Conservation […]

Kurdish Grammar

The syntactic structure of language, like the phonological, morphological and semantic systems, undergoes varying degrees of change (codification) in the process of standardization. While dictionaries codify […]
Prof. Amir Hassanpour

Amir Hassanpour (1943-2017)

Prof. Amir Hassanpour (Kurdish: Emír Hesenpúr, ئه‌میر حه‌سه‌نپوور) was born in 1943 in Mahabad in Mukríyan Province in Kurdistan. He passed away at the age of […]

Linguistic figures

Throughout the Kurdish history, the independent personalities and groups have played a great role in directing Kurdish nation in their struggle for political or cultural rights. […]