Taufiq Wahby (1891-1984)

Mr. Taufiq Wahby (Kurdish: Tewfíq Wehbí, ته‌وفیق وه‌هبی), was born in 1891 in Cuwar Ta village of Silemaní district in Baban province/Kurdistan. Wehby was the champion […]

The Identity of Hewrami Speakers

Reflections on the Theory and Ideology of Comparative Philology By Dr. Amir Hasanpour The European authorities generally maintain that Gorani [Hewrami] is not Kurdish and that […]

Kurdish Unified Alphabet

The expansion of virtual connections and the availability of diverse sources of information on the Internet have raised new technical concerns related to the format and […]

وتاره‌كانی ژێرچاو

KAL promote selected topic to this section where related issues introduced as chain articles. Callers can read, link, or forward these articles. Registered members will be […]