History of Kurdish Orthography

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Like other non-Arabic speaking peoples who adopted the Arabic alphabet after the Islamic conquest of the seventeenth century, Kurds have started using a modified...   Read More

Kurdish Scripts Conversion tools

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  In an attempt to bridge the Kurdish writing systems with Kurdish Unified Alphabet (Yekgirtú) a set of computer auto generating conversion applications have been introduced by Kurdish Academy of Language KAL....   Read More


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The potential of these textbooks to aid in the codifying of Kurdish was not realized, however, due to the government’s policy of restricting native...   Read More

Coining New Kurdish Words

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The process of coining new Kurdish words is based on four principles: 1. Conformity to the rules of Kurdish grammar. 2. Simplicity and brevity....   Read More

The Kurdish Unified Alphabet

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The list of the Kurdish Unified Alphabet (Yekgirtú) with audio pronunciation of vowels. There are additional links at the bottom of this page which...   Read More

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