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کوردی وه‌ک زمانێکی جووت-ستاندارد

کوردی وه‌ک زمانێکی جووت-ستاندارد: تێبینی سه‌باره‌ت به گه‌ڵاڵه‌ی داخوازینامه بۆ ره‌سمی کردنی "کرمانجی خواروو"

Kurdí wek zimanékí jút-standard

Prof. Amir Hassanpour, Zanistgay Toronto, Kanada, (23/4/2008) Kurdí wek zimanékí jút-standard: Tébíní sebaret be gellalley daxwazíname bo resmí kirdiní "kirmanjí xwarú" Daxwazínameyek gellalle kirawe...   Read More

Peyamí komellék núser u edíb u ekadímístí Kurd

Berréz Serokí Herémí KurdistanBerrézan Serok u Endamaní Parlemaní KurdistanBerrézan Serok u Endamaní Enjúmení Wezíraní Herémí KurdistanBerrézan Wezíraní Perwerde, Xwéndiní Ba‌llaw RoshnbíríBerrézan Endamaní Mektebí Siyasí...   Read More

In focus articles

KAL promote selected topic to this section where related issues introduced as chain articles. Callers can read, link, or forward these articles. Registered members...   Read More

Kurdish language policy of Iran

By Dr. Amir Hasanpour, Kurdish Times NY, 1991. State Policy of the Kurdish language: The politics of Status Planning The Pahlavi dynasty, 1925-1979. The...   Read More

KAL Featured Articles

KAL introduces featured articles to Kurdish Language at this section. You may email us an electronic version of your article to be posted at...   Read More

The language policy of Syria

Prof. Amir Hasanpour, Kurdish Times NY, 1991. From State Policy of the Kurdish language: The politics of Status Planning Soon after the formation of...   Read More

The Kurdish Unified Alphabet

Kurdish Unified AlphabetorthographyComments Off on The Kurdish Unified Alphabet

The list of the Kurdish Unified Alphabet (Yekgirtú) with audio pronunciation of vowels. There are additional links at the bottom of this page which...   Read More

Kurdish Academy of Language [KAL]

aboutComments Off on Kurdish Academy of Language [KAL]

The Kurdish Academy of Language [KAL] is an Open Global Kurdish Linguistic Network dedicated to Kurdish language research. From its birth in late 1992,...   Read More

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