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Hassan Ghazi (1946)

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Hassan Ghazi (Kurdish: Hesen Qazí, حه‌سه‌ن قازی) was born in the city of  Mahabad (Sablax) in Mukriyan Province. He was born in the residency...   Read More


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  Make a donation to KAL’s projects. A donation is a gift given, typically to a cause or/and for charitable purposes. The KURDISTANICA network...   Read More

Zorbey zimane zínduwekan fire stendard u fire nawend in

Hesen Qazí‌  (26/05/2008) Ziman wekú bincíney bí ru hokarí péwendí tak ‌u komell‌ yekék le babete giríngekaní komellnasí ‌u hellawardin ‌u zordarí zimanísh yekék...   Read More


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  Most investigations on language standardization have a tendency to slight phonological standardization. Moreover, phonological codification is often considered to be a by-product of...   Read More

Coining New Kurdish Words

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The process of coining new Kurdish words is based on four principles: 1. Conformity to the rules of Kurdish grammar. 2. Simplicity and brevity....   Read More

Kurdish Grammar

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The syntactic structure of language, like the phonological, morphological and semantic systems, undergoes varying degrees of change (codification) in the process of standardization. While...   Read More

Linguistic figures

Linguistic FiguresComments Off on Linguistic figures

Throughout the Kurdish history, the independent personalities and groups have played a great role in directing Kurdish nation in their struggle for political or...   Read More


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  Organizations working with Kurdish language The cultivation of the Kurdish language is due largely to the efforts of individuals. Organized linguistic and cultural...   Read More

Kurdish Literature

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Kurdish is heir to a rich and extensive, but now mainly oral, literature extending back into pre-Islamic times. A large portion of the written...   Read More

Hellawardin ú perawéz kirdiní shéwazekaní Kurdí

Hesen Qazí  (Rúwange, 21/04/2008)

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