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Legislators begin work to allow use of letters q, w, x

Legislators have begun drafting a bill that would change a law banning the use of the letters “q,” “w” and “x” -- a move spurred by the start of Kurdish-language broadcasts on state-owned Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s (TRT) TRT 6 station at the beginning of this year.

Kurdish Infant Denied Medical Treatment Because of His Name

3-months-old Welat Is Not Being Admitted to the Hospital

In Diyarbakır the three-month-old baby Welat cannot take advantage of medical services because he cannot receive an identity card in order to receive services, due to the first initial of his name, "W", which is in the banned Kurdish alphabet.

Mr Derwesh Xalib has been arrested by Syrian security force

Dear Colleagues at the WiP Committee of International PEN

Dear Colleagues at the T&LRC Committee of International PEN

It is with regret that we inform you that the Kurdish linguist, Mr Derwesh Xalib was taken from home by the Syrian security force in Qamishli (South West Kurdistan) (Syria) last Tuesday 13th Jan 09 and is still in detention. The security forces have again raided his home last Thursday 15th Jan 2009 and confiscated all his books, writings and transcripts.

Turkey and the Kurds: Television diplomacy

RojinHopes that a new channel may herald fresh reforms

ROJIN is a feisty, beautiful Kurdish bard who belts out nationalist ballads. As a result, private Kurdish television channels that showed her were long penalised or even taken off the air. But now she will be a regular on Turkey’s stultified TRT state television, which this week launched a 24-hour Kurdish channel in the main Kurdish dialect, Kurmanji.

Turkey plans to start Kurdish language education in universities

Department of Kurdish language and letters would be established in two leading universities in Turkey, the chairman of the Higher Board of Education (YOK) said on Thursday.

The board considers the of opening Kurdish language departments in two leading universities in Ankara and Istanbul, Yusuf Ziya Ozcan said at the opening ceremony of TRT-6, Turkey's first Kurdish broadcaster.

Turkey's state-run radio and television network TRT's new TV channel, TRT 6, started broadcasting officially on Thursday. The first program was broadcasted from Ankara's "Ari Studio".

Kurdish TV opens but picture still fuzzy

ANKARA - As Turkey’s first full-time Kurdish TV Channel, TRT-6, is about to be launched, bans remain on the use of letters in the Kurdish alphabet such as w, q, and x, which are absent in the Turkish language.

The head of the Kurdish Writers’ Association, İrfan Babaoğlu, dismissed the channel initiative as tragicomic and said the dilemma Turkey faces now is the use of the Kurdish language, speaking to the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review yesterday.

Turkish courses underway at Salahaddin University

Turkish language department at Salahaddin University in Arbil, which was established by the Kurdish administration in northern Iraq in an apparent goodwill gesture toward Turkey, has recently launched its courses.

Currently 62 students from various ethnic backgrounds -- Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen -- are attending courses at the Turkish language department, which is headed by Assistant Professor Ramazan Çakır of Turkey. Four out of a total staff of six are Turks, with two non-Turkish academics currently being trained in Turkey.

Languages of Iraq, Ancient and Modern

by J N Postgate (Editor)

About this title: For all five thousand years of its history, Iraq has been home to a mixture of languages, spoken and written, and the same is true today. In November 2003, to celebrate the country's rich diversity and long history as a centre of civilisation the British School presented a series of talks by experts on each of the major languages of Iraq and their history, and this illustrated volume brings these now to a wider public. Iraq's languages come from different linguistic families - Semitic, Indo-European, and agglutinative languages like Sumerian, Hurrian and Turkish.

Court jails Kurdish politician Leyla Zana over speeches

 A Turkish court on Thursday sentenced pro-Kurdish politician Leyla Zana to 10 years in prison for “committing crimes on behalf of a terror group,” court officials said. She is expected to appeal the decision at the Supreme Court of Appeals.

Minorities In The Middle East: Kurdish Communities 1918–1974

Although the Kurdish peoples are numerous, their aspirations for unity and independence have been repressed by the dominant regimes in the region, effectively minoritising the Kurds within a group of established states.

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