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Happy Turk

Happy Turk

"Only the Turkish nation has the privilege of demanding national rights in this country. There is no possibility that other ethnic groups' demands for such a right will be recognized. There is no need to hide the truth. The Turks are the sole owners and the sole notables of this country. Those who are not of Turkish origin have only one right: to serve and to be the slaves without question, of the noble Turkish nation." 

Mahmud Esad Bozkurt, the Turkish interior Minister, Milliyet newspaper,  Sep. 19, 1930.

Image has been republished by Financial Times in Nov. 2000

The new Turkish state was declared in 1923. It did not take long before Turkish government started its denial, suppression and assimilation against people of non-Turkish origin. This poster was one of the propaganda ultimatum against non-Turkish citizen. Such a tone by a member of the newly established government in 1930 shows the suppression ideology behind over 73 years ban on Kurdish language in Turkey.