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Do these sort of passionate nationalist arguments ignore the role of language as a social phenomenon and the extra needs for training, the history of the reforms and the present Kurdish scripts?

Depends how we look at these arguments and from which perspective we try to analyse the needs for a Unified Kurdish Alphabet. If you try to explain the bases for these arguments from a linguistic perspective, you will obviously realize that Language and scripts are only sorts of mediums for communications between speakers of certain language. When the body structure for the communications is fractured you will simply looking for the causes and the best possible solution for restructure the body. It is not hard to believe that the establishment of an international recognized ID for Kurdish language (KUR, ISO-8859-1) and to make solid and well-defined bases for a national education system does not need any sort of nationalistic views.

Many true attempts from Kurdish scholars where turned down by Arabs and Turks in the blooming period of Kurdish orthographic codifications in 1920's with such nationalist arguments. (see the history of Kurdish language) The Kurdish scripting system needs this reform now, when the era of digital communication has become the only effective way of communication.

For a nation with nearly 85% illiteracy, geographically distributed all over the world, no national standard achieving system, no standard international language ID, and no national standard education system, the education and training of a new Unified Kurdish Alphabet is only matter of responding to the ca. 40 million Kurdish speakers' calls for a learning structure that eases the ways of language education. These drawbacks among Kurdish speakers community can turn out to be a historical chance to restructure the body of Kurdish language scripting system and teach well.

What Kurds have achieved of their relatively short experience of learning process will improve the way for the new adapted system to settle in a shorter time in a transition period. The major target group here is the new generation of Kurds that are joining the already high illiteracy community and need to obtain effective new tools for self-education in e-schools and e-universities via the World Wide Web. Lets write Kurdish and make the Kurdish language serve its speakers.