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If they could speak Kurdish

Daily Taraf: Turkish Daily News: Turkish Press Scanner - Sat, 13/09/2008

Radical members of the Democratic Society Party, or DTP, who announced they would speak Kurdish in Parliament, have ignored the reality that several party members do not actually speak the language,  daily Taraf reported Friday.

DTP deputy leader Kamuran Yüksek announced Wednesday that Kurdish deputies would address Parliament in Kurdish in a show of support for their mother tongue campaign. It was later realized that the announcement was not a decision made by the party and even the DTP President Ahmet Türk knew of no such plan.

“We don't know anything about this decision. It was not taken by any of the party's members,” said DTP deputy Akın Birdal.

The most interesting twist in the case was that neither the DTP's deputy leader, who announced the statement, nor the other deputies speak Kurdish fluently.

The DTP has witnessed other conflicts between its radical and moderate members in the past. Another radical member Emine Ayna, who was also the party co-chairman, was also unable to speak Turkish. Ayna's Kurdish had surprised journalists, who came from northern Iraq to speak to her. Other radicals, Sabahat Tuncel and Ayla Akat Ata, are among the non-fluent Kurdish speakers.



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