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Committee for Weeding the Kurdish Language

In 1926, the Kurdish Scientific Society arranged a writing competition in Kurdípetí. The purpose was to make it known to the world that Kurdish was an old and orderly language not in need of other languages (Jhiyan, December 2,1926, p. 3). Later the Committee for Weeding the Kurdish Language (Komelley Bijharí Zimaní Kurdí) was formed in 1926. It was aimed at finding native words to replace the borrowings (Jhiyan, December 9, 1926, pp. 1-2). Although the society and its committee became inactive, the Pure Kurdish movement went on uninterruptedly in both the print and broadcast media.

Sources: Prof. A. Hassanpour, "Nationalism and Language in Kurdistan 1918 - 1985", UAS 1992