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KAL is an ELECTRONIC NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION (e-NGO) and has been initiated on independent volunteering bases as a global open network since 1993. Members with skills in linguistic, and information technology are sharing their thoughts around Kurdish linguistic issues. They seek information, solutions and focus on a future for better understanding of the Kurdish language. KAL is a community of people who has responded to this crucial question of our society.

"Herwekí me cend jaran gotiye yekitiya mileté kurd bi yekítiya zimané kurdí téte pé. Di yekítiya zimané de gava péshín jhí yekítiya herfan e. Yaní jhi bona nivísandina zimané miletekí divét zana ú xwendewarén wí miletí bi tevayí jhi bona zimané xwe elfabeyeké bibijhérin ú heke di wí zimaní de cand zar hene, zar hemí bi wé elfabé béne nivísandin."

"As I have noted before, the Kurdish nation will converge via a unified Kurdish language. The prerequisite of a unified Kurdish language is a unified Kurdish alphabet. This means that the Kurdish scholars and the literati need to develop a writing system that allows all speakers hailing from every Kurdish dialect to use that writing system."

Jeladet Alí Bedir Xan, Hawar, hejh 9, 1932

Mír Jeladet Alí Bedir Xan  Northern Kurdish text book  Central  Kurdish text book Southern Kurdish text book Tewfíq Wehbí Beg

A Unified Alphabet the ultimate solution to Kurdish language issue
Alfabéyekí Yekgirtú careserí yekjarí bo késhey zimaní Kurdí
ئه‌لفوبێیه‌كی یه‌كگرتو چاره‌سه‌ری یه‌كجاری بۆ كێشه‌ی زمانی كوردی

Kurdish TV opens but picture still fuzzy

ANKARA - As Turkey’s first full-time Kurdish TV Channel, TRT-6, is about to be launched, bans remain on the use of letters in the Kurdish alphabet such as w, q, and x, which are absent in the Turkish language.

The head of the Kurdish Writers’ Association, İrfan Babaoğlu, dismissed the channel initiative as tragicomic and said the dilemma Turkey faces now is the use of the Kurdish language, speaking to the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review yesterday.

Turkey gears up for Kurdish-language TV

 AFP - Turkish authorities hope the new station will help erode the ROJ TV.

Turkey's public broadcaster will on January 1 inaugurate a television channel in Kurdish, a language banned in the country until the early 1990s, marking a fresh milestone in Ankara's fence-mending efforts towards the restive Kurdish community. 

The new station, which will be Channel Six of the state-run Turkish Radio and Television (TRT), will broadcast round the clock in Kurdish "without imposing the state ideology while offering comprehensive informational programmes," according to TRT director Ibrahim Sahin. 

State television begins Kurdish test broadcasts

Hurriyet: ISTANBUL - The head of the Diyarbakır Chamber of Trade and Industry, Mehmet Kaya, agrees that TRT’s new channel is important, as such mediums can allow the language and culture of a people to develop. He says the TRT’s belated efforts on Kurdish TV are welcome, but argues that it need to be supported by scientific measures to promote Kurdish

Test broadcasts from the Kurdish television channel of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, or TRT, have received mixed responses in the region, with some cautiously welcoming it while others seeing it as a voice of the state.

Turkish courses underway at Salahaddin University

Turkish language department at Salahaddin University in Arbil, which was established by the Kurdish administration in northern Iraq in an apparent goodwill gesture toward Turkey, has recently launched its courses.

Currently 62 students from various ethnic backgrounds -- Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen -- are attending courses at the Turkish language department, which is headed by Assistant Professor Ramazan Çakır of Turkey. Four out of a total staff of six are Turks, with two non-Turkish academics currently being trained in Turkey.

The obstacles to use Kurdish language in the public sphere

Editorial: The European society has widely ignored the suffering of Kurdish people in Turkey in the 20th century. Whereas civil rights and peace developed after World War II in Western Europe, millions of women and men were deprived of their basic human rights in the Eastern part of our neighbour country. Only at the edge of 21st century with a reformist and islamic government in Ankara and the dynamics of the EU accession process attention is given to this region, which is now open for the world and not closed under military law.

Languages of Iraq, Ancient and Modern

by J N Postgate (Editor)

About this title: For all five thousand years of its history, Iraq has been home to a mixture of languages, spoken and written, and the same is true today. In November 2003, to celebrate the country's rich diversity and long history as a centre of civilisation the British School presented a series of talks by experts on each of the major languages of Iraq and their history, and this illustrated volume brings these now to a wider public. Iraq's languages come from different linguistic families - Semitic, Indo-European, and agglutinative languages like Sumerian, Hurrian and Turkish.

به‌ره‌و ڕاسته ڕێیه‌كی ڕێنوسی زمانه‌كه‌مان

زمانی کوردی، له نو وسیندا کێشه‌ی زۆره. چونکه به هۆی بارودۆخی ئاڵۆز و نا هه‌موار و تابیه‌تیی خۆیه‌وه، زۆر دره‌نگ ده‌ستی به نو‌وسین کردو‌وه. بۆیه هه‌رکه‌سه به ئاره‌زوو و به پێی فێربوون و ڕاهاتن و ئاستی خوینده‌واری و شاره‌زایی و سه‌لیقه‌ی خۆێ به جۆریک ده‌نووسێت.  زمانه زیندووه‌کانی _ وه‌ک ێینگلیزی و فه‌ڕه‌نسی بۆ نموونه، چ خۆیان و چ هه‌موو ئه‌وانه‌یش که‌ به‌و دوو زمانه ده نووسن، به وردی پێره‌وبی شێوه نووسینی ئه‌و زمانانه ده‌كه‌ن.

Court jails Kurdish politician Leyla Zana over speeches

 A Turkish court on Thursday sentenced pro-Kurdish politician Leyla Zana to 10 years in prison for “committing crimes on behalf of a terror group,” court officials said. She is expected to appeal the decision at the Supreme Court of Appeals.

Minorities In The Middle East: Kurdish Communities 1918–1974

Although the Kurdish peoples are numerous, their aspirations for unity and independence have been repressed by the dominant regimes in the region, effectively minoritising the Kurds within a group of established states.

Turk pop diva must launch Kurd show

ANKARA - As preparations continue for the opening of Kurdish TV on the country’s official broadcaster, some ruling party deputies demanded a showy start to the channel with the appearance of Sezen Aksu, the queen of Turkish pop.

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